27 / 11 / 2011

DAS have released an update of the C350 Channel Strip. Its called the C350L and is a free update for all C350 owners :


Optimised using the latest SDK from S|C, it allows more instances to be loaded on XITE-1/D hardware.


08 / 01 / 2011

DASGOST : ConvolveQ

a convolution between Digitalaudiosoft and G.O.S.T.

ConvolveQ is a host based 64 band fast convolution stereo effect filter.
It offers 4 displays to analyze the frequency spectrum and control it.

* Create any filter response you like with a drawing tool,
* tweak with the individual faders per band to perfection
* and analyze the results on the fly.




system requirements: 32bit/64bit win XP/Seven

1.8Ghz dualcore or higher, P4 3.0Ghz HT or higher

FREE for all DASGOST ConvolveQ's owners

2 ways FIR crossover for bi-amp monitors

MAX : 4 X 2048 taps->more than 300db/oct


100% linear phase

64bits double precision calculation

system requirements: 32bit/64bit win XP/Seven

1.8Ghz dualcore or higher, P4 2.4 Ghz HT or higher

user manual

more screenshot and test here


a new freeware ( XITEd Mixer, compatible Mackie control )



14 / 12 /2009


DAS_ Baby Dynamic Eq

FREE for those who bought DYNPARA M/S




FREE for those who bought 5CH REVERB or REVERB BUNDLE (DAS D-VERB + REV 224 + GRIESVERB)

download for 5CH REVERB

download for REVERB BUNDLE




This is a brickwall mastering plugin using "mid / side" technology.The
limiting process is based on our great algorithm wich is inside
DAS1610,DAS2A,DAS660 and COMP AI.
features :

maximum peak = -0.2dbfs

dithering section :
16 /24 bits
rpdf dither
hpdf dither
hp2 shaper
fir9 shaper

ABCD compare mode

correlation meter


DigitalAudioSoft is proud to introduce a FM bundle of 3 devices based on FM technology : DAS_ElectricPiano73,DAS_DynEP and DAS_F07
Their 6 FM operator produce great and warm vintage sounds from the 70/80

MP3 here



SL9000 and RMX160 have been updated

DAS SL9000SC vs SC-SL9000 = new low and hi shelf
DAS SL9000 v1 / v2 vs DAS SL9000SC = new low and hi shelf + new algorithm for presets list (same as DAS C350).

new design for RMX160


24 / 04/ 2009

DAS_RODE ( vintage electric piano )

FREE for ALL "LEGEND vintage EQ" customers

MP3 here

31 / 03/ 2009

DAS 5 Channel Reverb DSP Plug-in
Multichannel FX

DAS 5 Channel Reverb upgrade costs 69,- EURO incl. 19% VAT
if you bought Reverb Bundle (d-verb + rev 224 + griesverb)


SPECIAL From March 1st to 31th you get a free version of the DAS SC-GATE as bonus when purchasing a DAS LEGEND

01 / 01/ 2009

Our Winterspecial was very successful and we want to thank all customers for their purchases.

01 / 12 /2008

1st of December until the end of December 2008 WINTER SPECIAL / SONIC|CORE E-SHOP

30 / 09 / 2008

We are very proud to introduce the last one of the DAS reverb processor range : DAS GRIESVERB , an amazing powerfull Stereo Reverb Processor (Two Engines) that is completing the original bundle :

DAS Griesverb is included in the DAS REVERB BUNDLE

Free for all that already owns the Reverb bundle

Just download here

21 / 09 / 20008



29 / 07 /2008

REV 224 LCD has been updated.No more flickering sound when you change the size and stereo dry/wet mix.


04 / 07/ 2008

it's time for a new SUMMER SPECIAL !

more info here


16 / 06 / 2008

DAS Comp Ai proposes a real approach of the HVC hardware from AI Electronik The dynamic treatment takes again the principe of RMS detection and follower with just the effect of the lamps. A side chain is also link since the face front to optimize the possibilities of treatments.




Here is the REV 224. Based on a well known reverberation hardware. REV 224 will be included with D-VERB as a bundle for 99 euros.

DEMO here



Minor fix for Dynamic Bundle : Treshold in XTC mode ( al l ) Plugin's position memory + new treshold curve for DAS1610++write to support for more informations.

DAS C350 demo



Highend EQ Bundle
Master it EQ and DAS C350 special offer: 198.-Master it EQ - High end mastering EQ for Stereo/Dual-Mono and MS operation.

DAS C350 - Channelstrip EQ and dynamics
Channelstrip combination with different high resolution EQ algorithms and new developed Dynamics.

Comming soon :a hardware emulation from AI Electronik


We hope you will enjoy it and we once again wish all the best to SONIC CORE SCOPE XITE-1



After few months of development, we are very proud to introduce MASTER IT EQ. A totally new and novative EQ sound for SCOPE PLATFORM with new and original EQ algorythms that open doors of creation.AVAIBLE ONLY FOR PC ( Windows XP and VISTA) . NOT MAC OS COMPATIBLE.Features : 7 bands of EQ :- LOW CUT and HI CUT- LOW SHELF and HI SHELF, these two bands can also become LOW CUT and HI CUT (with variable slope) or (and) 2 full parametric EQ bands - 3 Full parametric bands of EQ, that can also been swithched into 3 modes of BAND PASS and 2 modes of NOTCH (with variable slope). 2 Working modes :- Standard STEREO (Mono) mode, - Mid Side (MS) mode : in this mode, Inputs and outputs can be L/R or M/S

The Demo is avaible from now here ...

a new reverb...DAS D-Verb :
After the success of the RMX160A, DAS Issues another very high end Reverberation Device, DAS D-Verb.Offering a very large type of sounds and colours, you will enjoy mixing with it in many situations and music styles. Few amazing presets are waiting for you inside !!! have a look !

The Demo is avaible from now here ...


Winter Special
valid until the 5th of January 2008
Every Plug-In for 49,- EUR
When buying Dynamic bundles at 84,-EUR you will get a free Reverb-Plugin.
As good news does not come alone ... we also announce an update for the Dynamic Bundle ... a third device DAS660 (see picture below) is included in the Bundle** ... but not sold alone. ** Retroactive offer : Avaible for the ones that already bought the Dynamic Bundle since may 2007 ... (email us with your invoice -



DigitalAnalogSound free for all

As good news does not come alone ... we also announce an update for the Dynamic Bundle ... a third device DAS660 (see picture below) is included in the Bundle** ... but not sold alone. ** Retroactive offer : Avaible for the ones that already bought the Dynamic Bundle since may 2007 ... (email us with your invoice -



-50% for several plugins at DigitalAudioSoft till September 30-2007



It's Summer time ...
and DAS Wah-Wah is offered

especially conceived for Stone Age
-50% for several plugins at DigitalAudioSoft till August 31-2007

SL 9000 - Channel Strip = 49,00 euros
RMX 160A - Reverb Processor = 49,00 euros
POLTEQ - High eng EQ = 49,00 euros
A550 EQ - High eng EQ = 49,00 euros
N1084 EQ - High eng EQ = 49,00 euros
DYNPARA M/S - Mastering Dynamic EQ = 49,00 euros
VINTAGE EQ Bundle = 99,00 euros




DigitalAudioSoft is very proud to introduce two new plugs … Dynamic signal processors … DAS-2A and DAS-1610++.These two compressors are completely new developments from the brand, new scripts for a new and revolutionary sound for Sonic Core DSP boards.Very versatile and high end plug ins that are very complementary each other, from a very « straight brick wall » to some smooth and musical compressions for instruments, mixes or mastering.

Pricing list

DAS-2A = 99 Euros

DAS-1610++ = 99 Euros

Dynamic Bundle (DAS-1610++ & DAS-2A) = 168 Euros


A brand new reverb ( Simple-VERB ) plug in will be offer to each of these three products bought.

Just send us your bill from SonicCore …



Avaible soon : Das Noise Reducer LE and Digital Analog Sound



We are very happy to announce that the Broadcast Range plugins from Digital AudioSoft are now distributed in Europe via EuroMedia Technologies (EMT – Fairlight Europ ).The first two bundles of five high end plugins, developped exclusively for broadcast applications, are installed on the Fairlight Stations at TF1,one of the biggest french TV channels.After few weeks of tweaking and optimisations, EuroMedia Technologies has installed the bundles in the studios of this french TV channel at the end of the broadcast chain controlling the levels of the audio transmission.




Plugins are sold on our E-Shop



We wish you all the best for this new year, and for Christmas : the DAS TR1D free

Thanks to all of you :-)

Eric,Olive and Seb



Hi All

Here is our first Pro Audio News review ... in one of the best magazine : AUDIO MEDIA ... among very famous other software editors ...

November 2006 on page 58

Thanks again for all your support,
cheers ,Eric,Seb,Olive



Hi all,
We have just received our results of sells on CW e shop for august 2006 ! We have to thank you for your support,
You are much more than 50 people that have put their confidence on our Plugs or bundles !!!
SL 9000 MASTER COMP has been updated to SL9000 MC2 and the offer (**) is continued AD VITAM ETERNAM ...
(**) free for each plug or bundle bought on CW eshop !
MORE !!!
We also offer a brand new plug SL BIMODE (a dynamic processor) in the same conditions (**) and also AD VITAM ETERNAM !!!
Enjoy Digital Audio Soft and make good music !!!
cheers ,Eric,Seb,Olive



*New special offer from October first, 2006

SL bi-mode is offer for every one who buy one of our plugs or bundles …
How does it work ? Simply send us ( ) your invoice, proving you have bought a plug or bundle on the CWA e-shop, we will mail you back this plug …




SL 9000 masterComp

We offer as a welcome gift, the SL 9000 Mastercomp, for every one who buy one of this plugs or bundles …This offer is for 60 days (from the eshop opening).
How does it work ? Simply send us ( ) your invoice, proving you have bought a plug or bundle on the CWA e-shop, we will mail you back this plug …



Sorry for this long waiting time, these plugs will be saled on CWA e-shop as soon as possible. 1 serie Devices and list prices
The following list prices contain the German VAT (Value Added Tax; actually 16%)

Individual sales :

POLTEQ (vintage EQ ) 99,00 €
N1084 EQ (vintage EQ ) 99,00 €
A550 EQ (vintage EQ ) 99,00 €
SL-9000 (Channel Strip ) 99,00 €
RMX 160 (Reverb ) 99,00 €
*N1084 EQ
*A550 EQ



Digital Audiosoft & eVdesign are proud to announce the launch of their high-end plug-ins for Creamware DSP-Based platforms.These plug-ins are composed of a wide variety of effects aimed to musicians and technicians, such as filters, dynamic treatments, as well as several tools, realized and conceived with rigor and sound quality in mind.All our plug-ins are XTC compatible.The GUI have been tested to be the as pleasant as possible, as well on the aesthetical level as on the ergonomic one.You can now download the demo versions of our plug-ins –


**special offer are not for resale