4 X 2048 taps can be set to reach about 300db/oct.2048 is the max number you can enter,as shown on the last animated gif.

ch1 = left channel input

ch2 = right channel input

Llp = left lowpass channel output

Rlp = right lowpass channel output

Lhp = left hipass channel output

Rhp = right hipass channel output

this test shows a perfect phase,whatever the number of taps.

the same test with a 96db/oct IIR lowpass filter.

take care to adjust the number of taps watching the *CPU power,we recommend you to begin at 300 taps, if your CPU is enough powerful, you can try more taps.If you don't hear sound after applying a new number of taps, the reason is that we have added a protection inside the device "security mode", if your CPU is not able to calculate the desired choice, the sound is muted to protect your monitors,and you'll need to change for another less value.

*only one CORE process the FIR filter.